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Amoris laetitia: Pautas doctrinales para un discernimiento pastoral (2016) [español]

Amoris laetitia: Linee dottrinali per un discernimento pastorale (2016) [italiano]

Amoris laetitia: Orientações doutrinais para um discernimento pastoral (2016) [portugês]

Amoris laetitia: Doctrinal Guidelines for a Pastoral Discernment (2016) [english]

Amoris laetitia: Repères doctrinaux pour un discernement pastoral (2016) [français]

Itinerari filosofici e teologici della libertà (2016) [italiano]

Economía y libertad (2015) [español]

Economia e libertà (2015) [italiano]

La virtù della religione [italiano]

"Veritatis Splendor" and Action Theory [english]

The Sources of Aquinas on Human Action (2008) [english]

Albert on human action and Aquinas (2008) [english]

Human Action and its Morality in Aquinas (2008) [english]

'Genus naturae' and 'Genus moris' in Aquinas (2008) [english]

'Materia ex qua' and 'Materia circa quam' in Aquinas (2008) [english]

'Intentio' and 'Electio' in Aquinas (2008) [english]

Circumstantia' and 'Conditiones' in Aquinas (2008) [english]

San Josemaría Escrivá y la teología moral [español]

Per Se and Praeter Intentionem in Aquinas (2011) [english]

The Personal Values of Sexuality and of the Transmission of Human Life [english]

Moral Experience and Philosophical Ethics [english]

The Novelty of the Faith as an Interpretative and Operative Criterion for Moral Life [english]

Natural Law, Natural Rights and Politics (2010) [english]

Nature and Natural Moral Law (1991) [english]

Ethical Aspects of Internet Use [english]

Personal Ethics and Political Ethics [english]

Communicating One's Own Convictions. Reflections in Light of the Magisterium of John Paul II and Benedict XVI [english] [español] [italiano]

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