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Handbook of Moral Theology. III: Moral virtues and Bioethics (2019)

Chosen in Christ to be Saints. I: Fundamental Moral Theology

"Veritatis Splendor" and Action Theory

The Universality and Immutability of the Precepts of the Natural Law

The Personal Values of Sexuality and of the Transmission of Human Life

Moral Experience and Philosophical Ethics

Ethical Aspects of Internet Use

Nature and Natural Moral Law (1991)

'Per se' and 'Praeter Intentionem' in Aquinas (2011)

The Ordo Rationis and the Moral Species (2010)

Aquinas on Interior and Exterior Acts: Clarifying a Key Aspect of His Action Theory (2008)

Aquinas on the Object of the Human Act: A Reading in Light of the Texts and Commentators (2008)

The Sources of Aquinas on Human Action (2008)

Albert on human action and Aquinas (2008)

Human Action and its Morality in Aquinas (2008)

'Genus naturae' and 'Genus moris' in Aquinas (2008)

'Materia ex qua' and 'Materia circa quam' in Aquinas (2008)

'Intentio' and 'Electio' in Aquinas (2008)

Circumstantia' and 'Conditiones' in Aquinas (2008)

The Novelty of the Faith as an Interpretative and Operative Criterion for Moral Life

Relativism, Truth, and Faith

Personal Ethics and Political Ethics

Communicating One's Own Convictions. Reflections in Light of the Magisterium of John Paul II and Benedict XVI

Natural Law, Natural Rights and Politics

Clarifications on the Application of Evangelium Vitae 73

Evangelium Vitae 73: The Catholic Lawmaker and the Problem of a Seriously Unjust Law

Forming One's Conscience in Social and Political Matters as Seen in the Teachings of Blessed Josemaría Escrivá

Can Epikeia Be Used In The Pastoral Care Of The Divorced And Remarried Faithful?

On Technoethics

Technoethics: Acceptability and Social Integration of Artificial Creatures